Pollster predicts: Trump will win in 2020

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Democratic pollster John Zogby may not be President Donald Trump’s biggest fan… but he does believe that Trump has winning characteristics.

After two years of polling on Trump, he has concluded that the president has perplexed both liberals and his own party because he is succeeding at pleasing not only his supporters, but also his hard agenda.

According to Zogby, the president has similar characteristics to three former presidents: Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

“Some people just know how to win,” said Zogby.

Just like with Jackson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, reactionists thought the world was over or coming to an end because they won the presidential elections.

But Zogby points out that Trump has had an ability to connect with Americans because he fights to drain the swamp in Washington.

The latest poll conducted by Zogby had 54 percent viewing Trump as “fighting the Washignton, D.C. establishment,” and 26 percent viewing him as an insider.

That’s not far off from Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin’s comparison of Trump to a “blue collar billionaire,” because he has an edge and a want to stand up to the liberal bullies.

“If you are a working class person, it feels to you that he is fighting for you,” McLaughlin said. “He’s their president.”

A new poll conducted by Zogby’s son Jonathon revealed that Hispanics and African-Americans agree that Trump is on their side.

“His polling shows that a sizable portion of minorities feel positive about their lives and future finances under Trump, ” reported The Washington Examiner.

There are plenty of clear signs that Trump will win reelection come 2020, and Zogby believes that’s because Jackson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt all won their reelection after suffering the same struggles as Trump.

“They don’t remember that we’ve been here before. There is precedent,” he said.

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